Sivan: The Month Of Increase: Apostle Emanu-el J. McKenzie

Appointed Time: Shavuot, (Pentecost) – Giving of the Torah or the giving of the revelation of the heart and mind of God for this season of our lives.

The month of receiving mercy to give mercy for completion.

The month of the Tribe: Zebulun, the businessperson’s month.

Characteristics: Sivan is the month of GIVING.

1. Jesus also was required to give the Father His first Fruit which He did. He gave the Father the 120, the first born.

2. The Father gave Jesus an increase 120 x 25= 3000

3. If what the Father did on Pentecost is a pattern then what we offered to the Lord on Pentecost we can expect an increase by 25.

The month of alignment of our relationships.

The month to connect your talk to your walk: moving from one level of strength to the next. This is the month of progression, being doers of the word and not hearers only.

Constellation: Gemini, a month of double

Color/Stone: White and Clear/Clear Quartz or White Moonstone

1. A month to be transparent before the Lord.

2. A month to ask the Holy Spirit to bring to surface all the painful things that you have surpassed so He can heal it.

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