OUR WARFARE ASSIGNMENT PT. 2: ADAR: Apostle Emanuel J. McKenzie

Updated: Mar 4

  • Adar is the month that all decrees set against you can be broken.

  • Adar is the month that roots of depression and despair can be broken and we enter into faith and a greater revelation of the Godhead.

  • This is the month to remove the masquerade so you can enter into laughter. remove any mask you have been hiding behind so you can enter into the true joy of who you are. A mask always stops the joy.

  • The sense of laughter, abounding joy, and light entering into darkness are characteristic of this month. Whatever darkness is around you, laugh and watch God permeate the atmosphere.

  • Light can permeate darkness and barrenness can break. This is the month where your fear shall laugh. God ordained a time for my fear to laugh.

  • Adar is the time for any wrong decrees to be broken off of you. Wrong spiritual decrees will attempt to surround your atmosphere. Ungodly decrees that have been spoken over you, from the past or present.

  • Wrong negative decrees pass or present will attempt to affect your atmosphere and will circle around and cause even people who love you to speak hurtful or negative words toward you.

  • Exercise your God give authority over all unauthorized and unsanctioned decrees that’s been released against you and all that is in relationship and connected to you.

  • Don’t let Satan cause the timing and season of God for your life be altered.

  • When we are in God’s right timing, we won’t fall prey to the enemy’s tactics to interrupt us any longer. We must stay in alignment with God and keep moving onto the next blessing.