At What Price?-Paul Jacobs

David numbered the people and as a result, the Lord sent a pestilence upon the land for the king’s sin… killing 70,000 people. David saw The Angel of the Lord executing divine judgement and humbled himself before the Lord when the Prophet Gad (speaking on behalf of the Lord, gave instructions to build and alter to The Lord and offer a burnt offering…)

The man who owned the land where David was instructed to go, offered it to the King… here was King David’s response to pay a price to obey the Lord;

2 Samuel 24:24a (AMPC) But King David said to Araunah, No, but I will buy it of you for a price. I will not offer burnt offerings to the Lord my God of that which costs me nothing.

The Apostle Paul in the letter to the Galatians spells out the way we remain humble, relate to those who have sinned or sinned against us and not boasting because of ‘spiritual gymnastics’ (as Apostle McKenzie would call it… your ministry or your works in the church…something you can do that brings attention to you). Paul really sums up that he too has paid a price for his new life in Christ;

Galatians 6:17 (AMPC) From now on let no person trouble me [by making it necessary for me to vindicate my apostolic authority and the divine truth of my Gospel], for I bear on my body the [brand] marks of the Lord Jesus [the wounds, scars, and other outward evidence of persecutions—these testify to His ownership of me]!

Finally, Jesus is coming to the end of His Earthly ministry and is headed to Jerusalem. He tells his disciples that He is going to be betrayed, beaten, mocked, crucified, die and Resurrected on the third day. Then the mother of James and John, brings her sons, they bow and worship and she asks for a ‘favor’ of Jesus… she says, ‘Give the order’ that my sons sit on your right and left in the Kingdom and Jesus ask a question about the price to be paid to even consider that request;

Matthew 20:22 (AMPC)  But Jesus replied, You do not realize what you are asking. Are you able to drink the cup that I am about to drink and to be baptized with the baptism with which I am baptized?

All of these scriptures were talking about Spiritual requests but… AT WHAT PRICE?

  • For David the price paid for his sin was monetary value for a plot of land to honor the Lord

  • For Paul the price paid for obeying his Gospel mandate was reveled in the beatings, persecutions and punishment he took in his body

  • For Jesus the price paid for honor was to accept the sacrifice of His Life

Recently, Apostle taught on Water Baptism to those who were recently water baptized. He clearly shared one of the GOALS of Water Baptism is to receive the Gift of the Holy Spirit/The Fullness of God (resulting in a changed life) and willingness to help others. One way to do that is to be an active part in the Body of Christ… a price to pay, receiving this New Life…

He even asked if they understood and were willing to accept that.

At what price as you willing to pay in order to live this life?

  • God called me to Panorama (relationship with Apostle)

  • A brother that invited me to PCC was just as enthusiastic in trying to pull me out…

  • He gave me an ultimatum regarding our friendship and was supposed to be the best man at my wedding


  • When I was married, my then wife was offended and left the church… a couple times…

  • Even once, stop paying tithes, took our daughters to another church and constantly arguing that “you love that church more than your own family!”

  • this occurrence happened more than once and only intensified over the years, until it came to a head one year ago, before she left and moved out of state


  • God has called a fast whether personally or corporately and I can’t count the time that they have fallen on special occasions, travel for work where we regularly have dinner meeting with our business colleagues and I still honored what God called me to…


Lest you think that I am making myself out to be someone special, this all has been possible by following my Man of God as he obeys Christ.

  • He has share that there are many he has accepted as sons/daughters and poured into their life, only to abandon the relationship, but he has never given up fathering sons/daughters spiritually or treated us any different as a result of those past relationships.

  • Apostle has shared openly how he has made sacrifices for the church (personally) and his family has made sacrifices… now lest you think I am talking about finances;

  • you need only to think how often he is prompted by God to call one of us, give us the Word of the Lord,

  • or how many thousands of hours in counseling sessions to help our family, marriages or our spirituality well-being

  • or just think how many Sunday afternoons when he speaks to each one of us who earnestly have questions or want to share with him something important in our lives… AFTER MINISTERING FOR 2 HOURS

  • …this is time away from his wife and children…


I am learning in this process that there is a price to pay in order to obtain something greater than what I gave… WHAT PRICE ARE YOU WILLING TO PAY TO OBEY GOD AND OBTAIN A DIVINE REWARD?

  • Are you willing to obey God when He calls us to our 40 Day Fast this year?

  • Are you willing to serve the Body of Christ, lending your time and talents?

  • Are you willing to endure the ridicule when God calls you to a relationship and to follow makes NO SENSE to those around you?

  • Are you willing to STAND and HANG-IN-THERE when everyone you thought was close to you has abandoned you and the only one standing with you is the Man of God


God is adding sons & daughters in relationship to Apostle McKenzie, but sonship comes with purpose. We are here to serve God’s Vision given to our Man of God… what value have we assigned to the relationship?

VALUE (noun): relative worth, utility, or importance

VALUE (verb): to consider highly or rate highly

CONSIDER (verb): to think of especially with regard to taking some action

NOW WHERE ARE YOU IN THE EQUATION? … the Lord will hold us accountable to what we received and regardless of how we try to avoid it, there is a price that is rendered for everything we value on this earth.

We grow not by listening or observing, it is in the doing where true growth takes place. Are you willing to grow? Have you decided how much this relationship, this life is worth to you?

Matthew 13:44 (AMPC):The kingdom of heaven is like something precious buried in a field, which a man found and hid again; then in his joy he goes and sells all he has and buys that field.

  • Are you ready to sell your natural to obtain something greater?


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