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Unexpected Financial Increase



At the beginning of the year my boss informed me that because of everything that transpired with COVID-19, we would not be getting an annual raise. Recently, my boss messaged me and shared that she needed to talk to me when I came back from lunch. During our conversation, she shared that American Express wants to keep our salary competitive so a decision was made for only a select few across the entire organization to receive a salary increase and I was one of the chosen few. This is a result of a 7.4% increase in my pay. Since my time at American Express, I have yet to receive a percentage raise of this magnitude. I know that this is God because I recently returned to work after being away for about six months due to paternity leave. I had not even been back a month before this decision was made. God spoke increase and then He increased! TODAY IS THE DAY!!

God Provides A New Home

Melonee D.

I was at a meeting about two years ago and Prophet Raphael Grant was the Guest Speaker. Prophet Grant said, “I see a lot of you with keys in your hands for a home.” I grabbed hold of that Word. I began to look for a place and the Lord told me to ask The Rollison Team. In January of this year, I spoke to Real Estate Agent, Ecstasi McKenzie-Rollison and I told her I wanted to look into buying or renting a house. I spoke with a Lender in her office. Then I spoke with Real Estate Agent Rashaad Rollison. Both Rashaad and Ecstasi are Real Estate Agents for The Rollison Team. I requested the Rollison Team to locate a home for me. I shared with Rashaad my credit was not the greatest but I wanted to buy a house and I believe the Word of the Lord spoken by Apostle Emanu-el J. McKenzie last year, “Double Blessings, Double Harvest and Superbloom.” We began looking for a Home. I believed God and I’m expecting my Superbloom! Rashaad shared the HOA wants your credit score to be 700 and the time frame is 3 to 4 weeks. My credit score was below 700. We began looking at homes, townhomes, and apartments. 

Apostle Emanu-el J. McKenzie had been speaking over the pulpit, “I have my Superbloom before the Super Bowl” and I grabbed hold of it!

And less than four weeks before the Super Bowl I had my Superbloom, my home which was just what I wanted, the area where I wanted it, and more!! Praise God for whom All Blessings Flow!!