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Family Restoration

Debbie C.

My four sisters and I decided to bless my mom by taking her on a short trip, To West Palm Beach, to celebrate her 90th birthday this year. We searched out a home with a beautiful view and a place to go fishing, which she always loves to do. As we began to get closer to the designated time to leave for the trip, to my surprise, my sisters decided that I will not be able to go, because I did not receive the coronavirus shot, which all of them had received. Was I hurt? Yes. Was I disappointed? Yes. Did I feel rejected? Yes.

Did I allow myself to stop executing my assignment to stand in the gap and build up my hedge? No.


I prayed for them, by the Grace of God, I aided them and assisted them in whatever they needed in their preparation for the trip. Only by the Grace of God.


Apostle Emanu-el J. McKenzie shares with us, from time to time, “Are you able to discern the nature of the battle?” The Lord revealed to me that the nature of the battle was a spirit of division between relationships, and a strategy from the devil to put me in captivity which Christ Has already liberated and delivered me from by becoming offended which will cause separation. 

How can I possibly set my family free when I am held captive? God commissioned me to set the captives free, and that starts with me first.


Through it all, God used my sister to be a blessing to me.

I received my first blessing in the month of June. On June 1st, I received a tangible blessing of a car, as well as unexpected finances from my sister, before the trip. The kingdom of God truly rules over the kingdom of man! All glory to God, and God alone!!!

God Located A Missing Coworker 

Debbie C.

My daughter called me from her job very frantic concerning a coworker at her former job who was missing for three days. No one heard from him or seen him. His phone kept going to voicemail. 

After applying the teaching from Apostle Emanu-el J. McKenzie that was given to us on the Prayer Line and Tuesday Night Bible Study, commanding the Kingdom of God's rule over the Kingdom of Satan's rule, the young man returned home. That day, after being kidnapped for three days, the Kingdom of God was manifested, and the kingdom of Satan was defeated.

All Glory to God.