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See It Before You See It

Giovanny M.

On February 23rd one of my brothers approached me and invited me to a dinner of celebration. During this month, we were celebrating Divine Endings as a church and our dinner celebration was concerning our citizenship. The day that he invited me was the very same day that he received a false report from Immigration concerning his own citizenship. He did not believe the false report so he came to me and told me let’s go celebrate. At that moment I was having issues with my citizenship as well so I accepted his invitation. The 25th of February is when we went out to celebrate. That day was very challenging for me and I wanted to cancel but the GRACE of God carried me on to this celebration “PRAISE the Lord." The moment I made the decision to come to this celebration that was ordained by Heaven, that was the very moment that I came to an agreement with Heaven concerning my citizenship. After our celebration, I was receiving emails from Immigration back to back. Things were moving so fast and I was reminded of this scripture from the book of Amos “Things are going to happen so fast your head will spin” and oh yes that was me. I remember one day I came up to Dad, Apostle Emanu-el J. Mckenzie, and shared with him how I was having appointments from the immigration and he himself said, “wow this thing is moving fast." By me accepting that invitation from my dear brother but really it was an invitation from God, the spirit of Grace fell upon me to expect God in that very situation and I have received my citizenship “Praise The Lord." Believe me, I could not have gone to that celebration dinner if I did not believe God had already moved on my behalf concerning my citizenship. It would not have manifested in this realm but Glory to the Lord of Host that His Grace carried me on. The meaning of our celebration Dinner was it’s already done, “See it before you see it."
Believe that you have received & you will receive.