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A Supernatural Miracle

Angila D.

On July 14, 2021, my client was vomiting and inhaled her vomit which caused her lungs to be filled with fluid and her airway blocked. After performing CPR on her, the paramedics transported her to the hospital where she was diagnosed with aspirating pneumonia and placed on a ventilator and nasogastric tube feeding in Medical ICU. She was unconscious for 3 days. I received a call from my client's mother and I asked her to put the phone to my client's ears and by faith and trust in God, I took authority over the spirit of infirmity and commanded healing. The next day Toni woke up and was aware of her surroundings and recognized the people she knew and she also was trying to talk. After 2 days the doctors were trying to take her off the ventilator but she was not breathing enough on her own. My client started relying on the ventilator and stopped breathing on her own. On July 20, 2021, the doctors inserted a Trache to take the tubing out of her throat and assist with breathing. On Sunday, July 25, 2021, I submitted a Miracle Request and Apostle Emanu-el J. Mckenzie prayed for her that Sunday Morning. Later that day, I received a call from my client's mother saying they took my client off the ventilator for 2 hours and she was breathing on her own. Then Monday afternoon I was speaking with my client's mother on the phone when the doctors came in and said we are taking her off the ventilator now and she has been breathing on her own with oxygen support. We are believing God for full recovery and back to normal life activity. The hospital is making arrangements to send her home instead of a rehab center. PRAISE THE LORD FOR MY CLIENT'S HEALING AND RECOVERY!

Supernatural Healing

Paul J.

On Tuesday, July 20, my step-father and mother went to the ER for COVID symptoms and tested positive. They both were diagnosed with pneumonia and while my mother was released home with some meds, my step-father was told that the doctors found blood clots in both lungs.  I reached out to Apostle Emanu-el J. McKenzie to stand in agreement with me and pray for total healing.  Apostle McKenzie took authority over the spirit of infirmity and sent me the declarations to speak over them (“May the Lord Jesus manifest His kingdom dominion over the spirit of infirmity and by the authority of the Lord Jesus I command the conquest of Jesus over Satan to be made manifest in and over your family, mother, and your father, I command the blood clot to dissipate now in Jesus Name and it is so manifesting Now”) … once my step-father was transferred to another hospital, the new doctors did a full examination and found NO BLOOD CLOTS!!! My step-father kept his focus on The Lord and never lost hope, but the declarations was what he needed to be reminded that The Lord was with him no matter what the doctors said.  He is home and resting now!  PRAISE JESUS, for the testimony of Jesus, is the Spirit of Prophecy!

Healed From A Year of Knee and Leg Pain

Vivian W.

I had been challenged with pain in my right knee and leg for about a year. The pain was so severe that I went to the doctor. My doctor sent me to an orthopedic specialist, which he started me on steroid shots in my knee. I got relief for a few days from the pain. The pain came back and I went back to the doctor and my doctor put me on steroid tablets. I believed in God for my healing and continued to stand in faith. One day I was driving, the pain was so severe it brought tears to my eyes. I begin to pray and ask the Lord to help me get to my destination. One Sunday morning service I was on zoom and after my Pastor, Apostle Emanu-el J. McKenzie finished preaching, he began to ask if anyone needed prayer. I stood up in my home on zoom and he asked what did I need. I told him I had pain in my right knee and leg. Apostle McKenzie told me to put my hand on my knee. He began to pray for me and I felt chills go through my right knee and leg. I also felt a warm sensation in my knee and leg. I called it the fire of God!! The pain went away immediately! Today Praise God, I am healed and free of pain!

I am walking 2 to 3 miles a day! Hallelujah!!

There Is No Distance With The Healing Power of God


Patricia M.

During Service, I was about to pronounce The Benediction and I received a request from one of my church members for his cousin's husband who lived in Orlando, Florida. He stated that the man was hospitalized, diagnosed with cancer and his kidneys were only functioning at 4 percent. I prayed immediately as I'd been taught by Apostle Emanu-el J. McKenzie on the Prayer Line to take authority over the spirit of infirmity and command healing with faith in God in the name of Jesus. Three weeks later, I inquired about the condition of this gentleman and was told he was out of the hospital and his kidney functions were increasing. I praised God because I knew it was the will of God and the power of God to deliver, heal, and set free. God manifested his healing power showing there is no distance in prayer.

Supernatural Healing


Rhonda L.

It was mid-March of this year when my husband finally convinced me to see a doctor. It appeared that I was not getting better (no matter what I ate, supplements I would take, water I would drink, etc.) but worse. So on April 8th I received my results after a thorough doctor’s examination and was prescribed seven medications for Heart rate, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Cholesterol, HBP x2 (morning and night), Cholesterol, and Sleep/Restlessness. As time passed, I could no longer walk without pain, the swelling was noticeable to the naked eye and I began to feel like I was as the walking dead…… BUT, ONE WORD AND ONE TOUCH FROM GOD.

As I made my way to the House of God on Sunday, April 11th, little did I know that day the Lord was going to meet me specifically at the point of all of my needs.

I was met with the usual and welcomed warm greetings and I felt a lift in my spirit during the praise and worship, but I was really miserable…

As Apostle Emanu-el J. McKenzie began to speak he soon asked, “Rhonda, why are you here today?” It caught me off guard. It was the day and time of the month I usually attend Church and it did not dawn on me that God specifically spoke to him in prayer about me and He saw God releasing a miracle to me. As he called me up and touched my hand, I felt a surge of what I can only describe as if a warm ‘electric current’ flowing through my entire being, overshadowing my entire being: my mind, body, soul, and spirit was being freed powerfully, and yet gently and lovingly delivering me in real-time from the onslaught attacks from the adversary.

Immediately, I began to “feel” better: ie.., the migraine was gone; my left eye began to run with cleansing tears as cataracts melted away. I could see clearly out of my left eye (cataracts gone), the inflammation/swelling decreased (my rings were slipping off of my fingers); I could get up and sit down without my knees aching, hip bones no longer stiff, and my lower back was pain free. This was evidence that Heaven’s Will was released, and the manifestation of my overall healing had begun, just as the Man of God saw and spoke. The Word of the Lord continued to say, ‘watch, over the next seven (7) days……’ 

During the seven days, I took none of the medications, and each day vitality returned; walking/sitting/laying down without pain and little to no discomfort. The sleepless nights ceased. No headaches. No backaches. No chin discomfort and no feet swelling, etc. After 7 days, I began exercising again without any abnormal pain or discomfort as well.

To the doctor’s amazement, my 30-day check-up yielded the following medical results:


Challenges:                      March                    April                     


Blood Pressure                 187/111(high)         132/85


AIC (Blood Sugar)             6.2 (high)                5.1


Cholesterol(avg)               228 (high)               184


Heart Rate(resting)          120-140 (high)        80-100


Cataracts                           3 in left eye          0 in left eye


Rheumatoid Arthritis       >30 IU/ml (high)    <10 IU/ml


White Cell Blood Count       5.4 (low)               9.2


As I write this, I am prepared to complete my morning 3-mile walk-jog! To God be the Glory!

April 11th was My Day. Can You Believe God for Yours?

Supernatural Healing

Nicole L.

During the service on Sunday, Apostle Emanu-el J. McKenzie began to pray for those who were experiencing pain in the neck and all the way down to the shoulder. Well, I was one of the ones going through that pain as well as in my ear. I have been challenged in those areas since last year. As he began to pray and I put my trust in the word that was going forth, I felt the pain lift and I began to thank God. Throughout the evening it tried to return but I kept on giving God the glory. It is now Wednesday and there is no pain in my ear or neck and to God be the glory. God is truly at work as I now continue to stand and believe Him for an insulin-producing pancreas and restoring my blood and energy levels in Jesus name. I hope this encourages and helps build someone’s faith in Christ.

A Miracle From A Brain

Hemorrhage Stroke

Chris M.

When I was at work, a coworker of mine reached out to me in our chat room and asked how is everybody doing? After I responded, she mentioned in the chat that she found out a female cousin of hers had a brain hemorrhage stroke. I encouraged her that this is nothing that Jesus cannot fix. I asked if she would like for me to pray for her cousin. She said yes and provided me her cousin's name. I took authority over the spirit and spoke healing. Afterward, I simply wrote, “It is Done!” A couple of days later, she wrote me back privately in our chatbox and told me that her cousin is coming along good and is being responsive. She Praised God and Thanked me.