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Healed From COVID-19


Gigi N.

My 88-year-old mother and sister were diagnosed with Coronavirus. My mother and sister were tested at the hospital and were told they had the virus and my mother also had right side Pneumonia. After receiving positive results from their Diagnostic Test, they both were admitted to the hospital. I called Panorama Christian Center and asked for prayer for both my mother and my sister. After prayers of faith were prayed, my sister was discharged from the hospital the very next day and was told they didn't know what happened. She was tested again and her results were negative and she was released to go home. We praise God for His Healing. My Mother is now home, making a full recovery as well and we give God praise for total Healing. My Mother is now home, making a full recovery as well and we give God praise for total Healing.

Supernatural Healing


Rhonda L.

It was mid-March of this year when my husband finally convinced me to see a doctor. It appeared that I was not getting better (no matter what I ate, supplements I would take, water I would drink, etc.) but worse. So on April 8th I received my results after a thorough doctor’s examination and was prescribed seven medications for Heart rate, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Cholesterol, HBP x2 (morning and night), Cholesterol, and Sleep/Restlessness. As time passed, I could no longer walk without pain, the swelling was noticeable to the naked eye and I began to feel like I was as the walking dead…… BUT, ONE WORD AND ONE TOUCH FROM GOD.

As I made my way to the House of God on Sunday, April 11th, little did I know that day the Lord was going to meet me specifically at the point of all of my needs.

I was met with the usual and welcomed warm greetings and I felt a lift in my spirit during the praise and worship, but I was really miserable…

As Apostle Emanu-el J. McKenzie began to speak he soon asked, “Rhonda, why are you here today?” It caught me off guard. It was the day and time of the month I usually attend Church and it did not dawn on me that God specifically spoke to him in prayer about me and He saw God releasing by way through him My Miracle. As he called me up and touched my hand, I felt a surge of what I can only describe as if a warm ‘electric current’ flowing through my entire being, overshadowing my entire being: my mind, body, soul, and spirit was being freed powerfully, and yet gently and lovingly delivering me in real-time from the onslaught attacks from the adversary.

Immediately, I began to “feel” better: ie.., the migraine was gone; my left eye began to run with cleansing tears as the cataracts melted away. I could see clearly out of my left eye (cataracts gone), the inflammation/swelling decreased (my rings were slipping off of my fingers); I could get up and sit down without my knees aching, hip bones no longer stiff, and my lower back was pain free. This was evidence that Heaven’s Will was released, and the manifestation of my overall healing had begun, just as the Man of God saw and spoke. The Word of the Lord continued to say, ‘watch, over the next seven (7) days……’ 

During the seven days, I took none of the medications, and each day vitality returned; walking/sitting/laying down was virtually without pain and little to no discomfort. The sleepless nights ceased. No headaches. No backaches. No chin discomfort and no feet swelling, etc. After 7 days, I began exercising again without any abnormal pain or discomfort as well.

To the doctor’s amazement, my 30-day check-up yielded the following medical results:


Challenges:                      March                    April                     


Blood Pressure                 187/111(high)         132/85


AIC (Blood Sugar)             6.2 (high)                5.1


Cholesterol(avg)               228 (high)               184


Heart Rate(resting)          120-140 (high)        80-100


Cataracts                           3 in left eye          0 in left eye


Rheumatoid Arthritis       >30 IU/ml (high)    <10 IU/ml


White Cell Blood Count       5.4 (low)               9.2


As I write this, I am prepared to complete my morning 3-mile walk-jog! To God be the Glory!

April 11th was My Day. Can You Believe God for Yours?

Ressurection From The Dead

Min. Ned


Recently I was asked to speak to my former church online. There were pastors and leaders on the line from Jamaica and I spoke to them on the lesson Apostle Emanu-el J. McKenzie taught us on Demonstration of the Power of the Holy Spirit according to Mark 16:15-20 and Luke 9:1-2. I reminded them of the example of Jesus' ministry, how He never prayed for a miracle to happen, He spoke to the situation and change took place. After I finished speaking, I told them that we will demonstrate the Word of the Lord spoken to them. I asked if there is anyone online with a dire situation that needs God's intervention. A young lady whom I do not know and never heard of before said, "I have a problem." She was crying, sobbing, she said, "I am pregnant. I went to the doctor because I was having problems with my pregnancy. They did an ultrasound and found out my baby was dead. My doctor wanted to schedule surgery because according to my doctor, my life was in danger." Her Pastor was on the line that night. She wanted prayer. I told her I wouldn't pray but we will practice what we were taught tonight. I told her to rest her hands on her stomach and repeat after me, "In the name of Jesus live." We said this 3 times. I had forgotten about it but two weeks later I was on that line again and she came on saying, "I have a testimony. I went back to the doctor as was directed, they did another Ultrasound and my doctor was shocked. How could this be? He said your baby is alive and healthy."

Supernatural Healing

Nicole L.

During the service on Sunday, Apostle Emanu-el J. McKenzie began to pray for those who were experiencing pain in the neck and all the way down to the shoulder. Well, I was one of the ones going through that pain as well as in my ear. I have been challenged in those areas since last year. As he began to pray and I put my trust in the word that was going forth, I felt the pain lift and I began to thank God. Throughout the evening it tried to return but I kept on giving God the glory. It is now Wednesday and there is no pain in my ear or neck and to God be the glory. God is truly at work as I now continue to stand and believe Him for an insulin-producing pancreas and restoring my blood and energy levels in Jesus name. I hope this encourages and helps build someone’s faith in Christ.

God Heals a Dying Grandmother

Min. Ned


A young Evangelist from Pakistan had recently befriended me on Facebook. He called me saying, "My Grandmother is dying. Will you pray for her?" He was on his way to see her about half an hour away. I told him to call me when he was with her. He called me on video. I saw his Grandmother laying on a mat. You could see death in her face. I said, lay your hand on her head and say, "In the name of Jesus live, Spirit of death we bind you and cast you out now, live in Jesus name, live in Jesus name."

He called the next day to say my Grandmother is well.

A Miracle From A Brain

Hemorrhage Stroke

Chris M.

When I was at work, a coworker of mine reached out to me in our chat room and asked how is everybody doing? After I responded, she mentioned in the chat that she found out a female cousin of hers had a brain hemorrhage stroke. I encouraged her that this is nothing that Jesus cannot fix. I asked if she would like for me to pray for her cousin. She said yes and provided me her cousin's name. I took authority over the spirit and spoke healing. Afterward, I simply wrote, “It is Done!” A couple of days later, she wrote me back privately in our chatbox and told me that her cousin is coming along good and is being responsive. She Praised God and Thanked me.

What God Reveals, He Heals

Gigi N.

I received a call from a potential disciple asking if I would pray for her mother who was involved in an abusive and emotional situation. I began to put into practice the recent teachings I received from Apostle Emanu-el J. McKenzie to speak and command healing and deliverance to come forth. God then began to show me the condition my potential disciple was having as well. This condition was neck pain, lower back pain, and numbness in her left hand. God not only healed the young lady’s mother but she too was made whole and healed as well. What was amazing to the young lady is that she did not tell me that she was having any kind of pain, but God revealed, and God healed her on that day. I Thank God for manifesting His Power.

God Works a Miracle In A Classroom

Patricia M.

A student of mine that I am teaching on Zoom stated that her father had a stroke. I asked the student if she believed that God can heal and make her father well and the student stated that she believed. I followed the principles and the example demonstrated in Matthew 10:7-8 and declared healing to her father’s body. The next day on Zoom, the student told me that her father was being released from the hospital to go home and is doing well. Later in the week, her mother shared a post of her husband back at home doing well! The student was so excited and I reminded her that it was all God.